aviplaysMC's Member application

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aviplaysMC's Member application

Post by aviplaysMC on 6/7/2015, 4:31 pm

Topic:avipaysMC-Member app





were i found out about oasis:i found out about oasis when i was looking through minecraft servers and it poped out to me

how long:ive been playing for about 2 day and iv been playing a lot

how often:i plan on being on the server at least 1 hour a day

have i voted:the answer is  no i did not know i could vote but know i will

who vouch's for me:revilo410,fithboy

why i should be member i love the server and i always like survival servers and i think the server has great potential and i could help it.another reason is that i respect staff and i dont grief or steal and i play by the rules and overall the server is really fun for me to play on.I hope you enjoy

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Re: aviplaysMC's Member application

Post by Cupcake on 6/7/2015, 4:32 pm

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