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ChenoaLovesCows - Member App Empty ChenoaLovesCows - Member App

Post by ChenoaLovesCows 5/31/2015, 5:47 am

Minecraft Username: ChenoaLovesCows

Real Name: Chenoa

Age: 15

Location: Canada

Where I found Oasis SMP: My friend, legopip

How long have I been playing on this server: About a week

How often do I plan on being on this server: As long as I can

Have I voted for Oasis: Yes

Why do I want member status, and why can I be trusted:

I enjoy playing on this server a lot, and I think that I am active enough to become a member, I am active quite a bit, and love the community. I think I can be trusted because I haven't broken the rules of this server - or any other server- as far as I know. I was recommended to get the member status, and hope that I am accepted :D <3. 


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Tree Puncher

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ChenoaLovesCows - Member App Empty Re: ChenoaLovesCows - Member App

Post by Cupcake 5/31/2015, 8:19 am

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