Someone got banned for nothing

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Someone got banned for nothing Empty Someone got banned for nothing

Post by PurpleThunder117 on 5/23/2015, 2:53 pm

my friend got banned for coming and getting my stuff so that it didnt get stollen, because I didnt lock my chests and other people could've stollen it.

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Someone got banned for nothing Empty Re: Someone got banned for nothing

Post by Guest on 5/23/2015, 4:31 pm

1) This is in the wrong section

2) This is not why your friend was banned.
Your friend was ban for evading a ban, according to her ban thread:

To explain the context, I banned HippeeWonders back when I was staff, for repeatedly griefing after her tempban.
The account HippeeWonders is the same account your friend is using now, the name has been changed. The server contains plugins that can prove this. It also contains plugins that record all block changes and chest transactions.

I am no longer staff, so whatever they decide is out of my hands. Just wanted to set a few things straight.

Just remembered something that can be a useful tool for anyone.
Any player can check the legitimacy of an account banned for evasion due to name change.
The same tool also checks how long a player has been offline, and if they are currently banned from the server.

If you would like to see for yourself if someone's account name has been changed, type "/seen playername" into the chatbar while in-game. Aside from the staff-only CoreProtect plugin, our /seen command also records name changes, and can be used by any player. Typing in past names of a person's account will show you it's current name. If that current name is different, it this means the name of that account has been changed to the name it is showing you.

For example, typing "/seen HippeeWonders" will give any player the following feedback:
Someone got banned for nothing FdxJM0g

This feedback would not be generated if the names were not associated with the same UUID.
My forum signature is another example of this plugin's usage. I have gone by Lina_, LinaVoltage, and Dscent on the same account. I've had so many names, that it even displays the other names I have used along with giving me my current account name.

Keep in mind that sometimes people may not wish to be pressured with questions as to why they have changed their account name, and may wish not to be addressed by their old name.

*edit: Just found out /seen even shows the time remaining until a player's tempban expires. Neat. 


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Someone got banned for nothing Empty Re: Someone got banned for nothing

Post by 4emersons on 5/23/2015, 10:36 pm

Your friend was unbanned (see here). This is now locked.

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Someone got banned for nothing Empty Re: Someone got banned for nothing

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