To the player who died at The End I have your gear

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To the player who died at The End I have your gear

Post by John_Crichton on 5/18/2015, 11:12 am

You obviously put up a valiant fight. You came well prepared, half the towers were down..and the dragons were very very pissed off at you.

You were going back. Full of rage, full of vengeance, anticipating your victory.

You rushed back like a Viking beserker and leaped into the stairwell....only to be killed by the the lime jello at the bottom. 

I jumped down, not knowing your stuff was boinging sadly at the bottom ...and ended up with a full inventory. I've saved it for you.

Contact me here, let me know what kind of gear you had. 

With admiration.....John "Old Man" Crichton
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