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ban appeal

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ban appeal Empty ban appeal

Post by Mr_Wither on 4/28/2015, 11:09 pm

Minecraft username:Mr_Wither

Mod/Admin who banned you:gr00vedrifttreh

Reason you were banned:X-ray

Reason you believe you should be unbanned: I am sincerely sorry for any rise in suspicion that I was using cheats I love/Respect this server and would never desecrate it with petty hax and if you think I'm lying well I've certainly learned my lesson and would like to go back to this amazing server and continue to help people.

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ban appeal Empty Re: ban appeal

Post by Gr00veDriftTreh on 4/28/2015, 11:55 pm

Me nor any other staff member will ban anyone for any reason unless we have evidence to support our claims. Me and two other mods have surveyed the area and with the information given unanimously reached the same conclusion of x-ray. I find a lack of respect by breaking the rules we have in place to ensure the safety and fair play of all players on this server. We have 0 tolerance to any 'petty hacks' and will permaban on sight. There is no amount of words that can change the fact that you have and used x-ray and there is no way you can prove that you will never use it again.
Good luck and hopefully you can find another server to play on.
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