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LordCookieSenpai Ban appeal

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LordCookieSenpai Ban appeal Empty LordCookieSenpai Ban appeal

Post by LordCookieSenpai on 4/5/2015, 3:20 am

Minecraft username: LordCookieSenpai
Mod/Admin who banned you: revilo410

Reason you were banned: 
for leaving the server because it said freeze and i did not know wat it meant he banned me for no reason i did not know.

Sincerely, LordCookieSenpai

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LordCookieSenpai Ban appeal Empty Re: LordCookieSenpai Ban appeal

Post by Revilo410 on 4/5/2015, 4:42 am

Right can I first quote my original ban thread:

Revilo410 wrote:Banned: LordCookieSenpai

Reason: Griefing houses, and refusing to answer me when spoken to for quite a while, also leaving to avoid /freeze.

Length: Perm (Appeals will be considered)

EDIT: Looked through logs by you and found lots more minor griefs into people's buildings.

So the problem I had was I watched you grief into someones house, I froze you to ask you what you were doing as griefing is not allowed on this server, and I got absolutely no answer from you. I froze you as you tried to run away and then you left which deactivates the freeze, so I froze you again and spoke to you in chat but still I got no answer from you. I must have typed in chat for coming up to 5 minutes with no answer so I had no choice but to ban you as you were ignoring everything else I did.

That is the reason you were banned, I notice in your appeal you say nothing about the fact that you griefed a couple of different houses. Now, I did say I would consider appeals from you because the griefs I found were fairly small however the fact that you blatantly denied the fact that you griefed is not going to help you.

I have also been informed that you were causing a lot of hassle in teamspeak recently and received a ban there as well. Not only this but I did find more griefs from you later on as well as the one I actually banned you for.

So I'm afraid for now this appeal is denied.  Please do not make another one straight away as I will just delete it, if you in a month or two still feel the same way and choose to admit to your griefing I may reconsider but I cannot accept this now especially with the other problems you have caused recently.

LordCookieSenpai Ban appeal Revilo10
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