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Post by leamon94 5/15/2011, 8:53 pm

Minecraft username:Leamon94.

Real name (recommended): Devon.


Location: Newfoundland Canada.

How long have you been playing on THIS server?: About 4 months.

How often do you plan on being on THIS server?: Only server i ever been on and plan on being on.

Name any Admins or Mods who would vouch for you: Invertpanda, id say more i just haven't asked.

Why do you deserve Veteran status? What sets you apart from the other Trusted players?:
I think i deserve veteran status because i been on the server long enough to know how everything works, i would be able to help out where needed and answer any questions anybody has. id contribute to any community project that is being done or a project another player is building. I don't start any arguments and i try to resolve any arguments that are happening on the server. All around i think i would be a good candidate for veteran status and hope you see the same.
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