Regarding TeamSpeak names!

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Regarding TeamSpeak names! Empty Regarding TeamSpeak names!

Post by Paxination 3/18/2015, 4:47 pm

Ok....I have tolerated the innapropriate and obscene names in TeamSpeak long enough.  Starting today, if you join TeamSpeak with an obscene name, you will be bant with no warning.  If you join TeamSpeak with an innapropriate name, you will be temp bant for a week, then permo'd on second offense.

I am tired of this.  We have a plugin (BukkitSpeak) that links our MC server and TeamSpeak server.  When you join with these names, the children on our MC server see it.

We also have some parents on here that let their children play on our server.  I am sure that they do not want their children seeing these names.

Consider this announcement your final warning.



obscene = AnalMaster25

inappropriate = TossingToddlers
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