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Ban Appeal - TheSlowBlackMan

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Ban Appeal - TheSlowBlackMan Empty Ban Appeal - TheSlowBlackMan

Post by SlowBlackMan on 3/5/2015, 3:21 am

Minecraft username: TheSlowBlackMan

Mod/Admin who banned you: Lina

Reason you were banned: Racist Slurs/Remarks

Hey guys we didn't mean any harm we were in a skype call and thinking we were just having light jokes 
I didn't know how tolerant the server is on this type of humour and I do realise that these jokes can offend people. I know this isn't a proper excuse but all I can say is I won't repeat this now I know my boundries and where to overstep them I won't do it again. Its a pretty poorly excuse but I can say that we were kidding around not knowing what we have done. I have read the rules and agree to them Thanks for reading I hope in the future we can just have a regular playing experience 

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Ban Appeal - TheSlowBlackMan Empty Re: Ban Appeal - TheSlowBlackMan

Post by Guest on 3/5/2015, 3:24 am

When 3 staff tell you something isn't acceptable, that's a pretty good hint to stop.

One chance. Don't make me regret it.



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