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Whoviangurl JrMod Application Empty Whoviangurl JrMod Application

Post by doggreen781 2/20/2015, 1:53 pm

Minecraft username: whoviangurl pig cat clown

Real name (recommended):Gracie



How long have you been playing on THIS server?:Since March 2014 according to biocreeper187 so about a year!

How often do you plan on being on THIS server?:Forever! I say it all the time! You guys are my second family and if there is ever a zombie sheep apocalypse, we meet up and form a tribe.

Name any JrMods, Mods, or Admins who would vouch for you: When I went on last: (1:32 pm boston time) there were none on, but I think I might get a few if they were on.

Why do you deserve JrMod status? What sets you apart from the other players and would make you a good part of the staff?: I absolutely LOVE oasis and I think you are all really cool. I want to stay here forever and protect anybody and everybody on Oasis (if they respect their fellow members) and I think that it would absolutely be heaps of work, but I can take it on. I love you all and I believe that we can all, someday, meet and have a big oasis dinner party! This land of sheep, Groot, dinosaurs, and internet geeks are not exactly something that most people would be proud of, but I extremely am. I have made such good friends and every new friend that comes in feels so rewarding to see my pals welcoming them with an open heart. As random as you guys are, we are a family, and I could not be more proud of Oasis, even if we are a small bunch. You guys know exactly what I'm talking about when nobody else does. Whenever I am nervous or having an anxiety attack, I can come here and mention it. You guys would surround me with across-the-globe hugs. My point being: I love and care for you all like family. I would never let anything bad happen to any of you. I trust you all. If you were to say somebody did something wrong, somebody did something wrong. If I was a JrMod I would keep an eye on everybody. I would do anything and everything to protect and serve Oasis. I would love to be a JrMod for every friend that needs help, and I'm not afraid to admit that sometimes (most times) I need help too.
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