ZapokeTheBoss's Vet Application

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ZapokeTheBoss's Vet Application Empty ZapokeTheBoss's Vet Application

Post by ZapokeTheBoss on 1/12/2015, 6:28 pm

Minecraft username: ZapokeTheBoss

Real name (recommended): Luciano



How long have you been playing on THIS server?:6-7 Months

How often do you plan on being on THIS server?:As long as I am welcome to.

Have you voted for Oasis at ?:Yes.

Name any JrMods, Mods or Admins who would vouch for you (This means you actually have to ask them): Sorry, but I have none.

Why do you deserve Veteran status? What sets you apart from the other Trusted players?: I know a lot about the rules and how to help deal with anyone breaking the rules (Sending a videoproof to the mods), and I have been on this server since the start of the summer of 2014. I am also very active on this server and I knowthe rules very well and I also know how to enforce them if anything happens.

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ZapokeTheBoss's Vet Application Empty Re: ZapokeTheBoss's Vet Application

Post by madscientist032 on 1/12/2015, 7:33 pm

Two things.

One - this is a very, very, very short Veteran app. If you want to be considered for Veteran rank then you need to sit down and put some thought into the application. You aren't applying for member - you are applying for the highest player rank attainable on this server (excluding Architect as players don't apply for that rank). So put some detail and meat into this application

Two - best of luck.

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ZapokeTheBoss's Vet Application Empty Re: ZapokeTheBoss's Vet Application

Post by Grimtongue on 1/12/2015, 8:00 pm

You seem like a friendly person when I've seen you online, but this application needs some work.  I'll edit this post with a vouch after you finish your application.
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