My Schedule for Now-PLEASE READ!

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My Schedule for Now-PLEASE READ!

Post by momogowi on 1/4/2015, 4:41 pm

Dear Oasis Community,

Yes, if you could not tell already, I am back on the server. However, Christmas break is coming to an end at an alarming pace, so I have developed a self schedule for myself. I made a schedule because I have something else I do, but for certain reasons I am not saying what specifically. This schedule is to help me balance out Minecraft, and the other thing(s) I do all while sustaining school as well. I have made up my mind, and I have devoted THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS, and SATURDAYS strictly to the server. WEDNESDAYS and SUNDAYS will be my on/off days, that's either I do Minecraft and other stuff (a little of both), or I do one thing and not the other. However, this is all depending on my feelings and if I need to "catch up" on stuff. MONDAYS and TUESDAYS so far are the only days I will MOST LIKELY not be online (on the server that is), so do not be surprised if you don't see me for the whole day. I'm glad I got back on the server though, but to everyone reading, please understand that this is how I sorted it out. Understand that I have school and other things to do as well, but, I still want to play on here as much as I can. (In fact, as of the date of this topic's publication, I have exams coming up next week!).

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you real soon! Happy Crafting!

                                                                                              -momogowi (Lina's brother)
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Re: My Schedule for Now-PLEASE READ!

Post by retkojy on 1/4/2015, 8:53 pm

Yusyus yusyus he's back

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