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Member Application - patuator

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Member Application - patuator Empty Member Application - patuator

Post by patuator 1/1/2015, 4:15 pm



12 years old

Northern Ireland

I used to play with another Minecraft player but the server shut down. I tried to find the new server but I couldn't. while I was looking I saw a server called oasis SMP. the words SMP made me interested so I joined it.

I have been playing playing on oasis for I think 2 and a half weeks

I plan to be on this server for at least 2-4 months

yes, I have voted 4 times


I love to play on oasis because the people are nice and very helpful and the server itself is just awesome. I am a player who is nice back to people and I try my best to help players in need. I have been playing on tons of SMP servers but so far this one is overall the best so it would make me so very happy if I could get a member rank.
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Member Application - patuator Empty Re: Member Application - patuator

Post by MegaScary 1/1/2015, 4:16 pm

Approved. Welcome to the server.

Member Application - patuator Borgsi10

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