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maggieworld's member app

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maggieworld's member app Empty maggieworld's member app

Post by mediumdee 12/29/2014, 9:33 pm

maggieworld is my friends account that i sometimes use as my alt account, so i finally decided to make a member app for her (please note that she hasn't been online for a while, and that she'll probably be a bit less active then my normal account)

username: maggieworld
real name: maggie (or melody depending on who;s playing)
age: 11 (i'm 12 btw, sry if this is kinda confusing)
location: Waukesha
where did you find out about oasis SMP: mediumdee
how long have i been playing on this server: for maggie, since sometime during 1.6, for me, about 1.5 years now
how often do i plan on playing on this server: whenever maggie comes over or i need to use my alt (not very often, but i'll still visit)
name anyone who would vouch for me: mediumdee
why do i deserve member status: i do my best to keep maggie under control, you guys already know how responsible i am, and if she's playing on here then i would probably be on minechat and watching her screen, if she happens to grief then i'll deal with it myself, but i'll do my best to keep it from happening in the first place

thanks guys, i know that this is considered my alt account but since my friend plays on it i might as well finally get her a rank

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maggieworld's member app Empty Re: maggieworld's member app

Post by MegaScary 12/29/2014, 10:13 pm

Sorry but we don't normally accept member apps made for other players. If she could make a forums account and make her own app that would be best.

maggieworld's member app Borgsi10

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