my forum and server ban?

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my forum and server ban?

Post by nsuth13 g on 12/27/2014, 10:59 pm

I actually have no idea what i did? and my ban appeal says shit all.

I just logged back on the forums to take a look like i do once and awhile and i was banned then i check the server and it says krazo: Get your FUCKING Australian ass out of this server and stay away"

please explain as i don't have an idea what happened

Dont just ban this account and explain please?

nsuth13 g
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Re: my forum and server ban?

Post by Paxination on 12/27/2014, 11:29 pm

After your temp ban was up from vitality96, you were a complete ass to all the staff and players. You made vulgar post on the forums and causing trouble. Dont act like you dont know. You know what you did.

Gweedo removed the post where you replied "GOOD". You should know better comming on here pretending like you dont know whats going on. You were an ass on the server and an ass on the forums. Dont even try the account hacked thing either because it happened on the server AND the forums. And if you use the same password for both, YOUR A MORON.

You were an outstanding player for years and just over night, you changed dramatically. What ever it was your apparently starting to feel remorse for what you did and trying to attone for it. TOO LATE.

Btw, while your in permobanland, go say hi to dylan for us. Kthxbai!
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