/warp Kartoffel is Open!

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/warp Kartoffel is Open!

Post by 4emersons on 12/9/2014, 6:52 pm

The title says it all. My town, Kartoffel, is open at /warp kartoffel. Pretty simple rules.

 - It is a free-build town, so you can find a spot you like anywhere along the road, break a few leaves so you can make a path to it, and build a house, shop, public building, or whatever else you want. If you want me to, I can make a path for you in the same design of the road. Just don't build inappropriate structures or ones against the rules, such as 1x1 pillars. 

 - Respect others' building space, and don't build too close to them. On the other hand, don't hog too much space for yourself, and if you plan on expanding soon, you may claim the extra area needed by placing torches, signs, or whatever else. 

 - Do not have any part of your building hanging over the road or farms near the spawn building. As soon as a week after I warn you about it, if it isn't taken care of, I will remove the build (or that part of it). 

 - This isn't a rule, but I would appreciate if you would mail me in game (/mail send 4emersons <text>) telling me that you are building in Kartoffel, just so I can keep easy inventory of who lives there.


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