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I have learned my lesson

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I have learned my lesson Empty I have learned my lesson

Post by sourlemonboy12 on 10/28/2014, 7:13 pm

Minecraft Username:sourlemonboy12
Banned By: MegaScary2
Reason Banned: Greifing and putting down lava

I had just gotten minecraft a few days before this happened I was accused of putting lava in farmcult and I am truly sorry my friend had reffered me to the server and I didnt look at the rules and I didnt realize you were not supposed to lay down lava and I never look at chat so I wasnt aware of the guy telling me to stop and when i got banned my heart sunk so I am hopin that you could give me a second chance because I am very new to minecraft I am very very sorry. I hope you consider this for approval I never ment to do harm I just wasnt aware of everything I am sorry for everything

Sincerely, Sourlemonboy12

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I have learned my lesson Empty Re: I have learned my lesson

Post by MegaScary2 on 10/28/2014, 7:47 pm

I am willing to give you a second chance. You made a very good appeal.

If you haven't already you may want to read our simplified rules here.

The full rules are here if the simplified ones aren't clear on something and you want to know more.

Appeal accepted. Unbanning you now let me know if you cannot join.
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