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Application for Member Ranking

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Application for Member Ranking Empty Application for Member Ranking

Post by bubble02pop 10/3/2014, 10:17 pm

Username: bubble02pop

Name: Alice

Age: 13

Location: Texas

Where did I find Oasis? My sis, Poppypop007

How long have I been playing: About a week and a half

How often do I play on this server? Probably four days out of a week for around maybe three hours a day.

Have I voted: No, I haven't figured out how too. But I would vote for this server, it's real good.

Trusted+ or higher rank: LinaVoultage 

Why I deserve member rank: I think I deserve rank because I enjoy this server and would like get a ranking. I have never been banned from a server or kicked, I never cuss or use other foul languages, I have been opped and trusted on many other server (none of those servers were as good as Oasis queen ) and I don't grief (I know you said don't say "I don't grief" but I added some other things in with it, I hope that's ok"
I hope that this application has everything that you want in an application for member  cheers

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Tree Puncher

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Application for Member Ranking Empty Re: Application for Member Ranking

Post by Guest 10/3/2014, 10:59 pm



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