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Ban Appeal

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Ban Appeal  Empty Ban Appeal

Post by cooperirving on 10/3/2014, 8:04 pm

Minecraft Username: cooperirving

Mod/Admin who banned you: Lina

Reason you were banned: Wallclimb Hacks

Reason you believe you should be unbanned: I was banned from this server due to wallclimb hacks which im not even aware of. I apologize for the actions although im a very good member to the client i was referred and and have told other friends to join this server. I had no intention of such acts like wall climb hacking. I am sorry again. 

Thanks Cooperirving

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Ban Appeal  Empty Re: Ban Appeal

Post by Guest on 10/3/2014, 8:09 pm

I'm going to quote the evidence here that I put in your ban thread.
Please explain to me how you entered this house and clicked the chest, then exited, without modifying any other blocks. The door was locked by a deadbolt sign.
That wall is physically impossible to jump without a jump beacon nearby.

Not saying this is denied, I'd just like to know your side of it.

Lina wrote:
Watched you try the door to a house. After seeing its locked, you magically climbed 4 blocks upward over the wall and into the house. Checked some things inside, then climbed 4 blocks upward over the wall again to exit.

There where no jump beacons in range - the only beacon close enough is resistance+. Jump potions do not exist in 1.7 minecraft. There where no ladders on either side of the wall. This is physically impossible without aid of hacked client.

This is me, standing on the chest that was clicked right after the door of the house was clicked. No other blocks where edited between the door and chest clicks. This means he did not grief in, and he also did not place any blocks to pillar over the wall.
Ban Appeal  Click

The house/wall in question is below:

Ban Appeal  Thishouse

Ban Appeal  Thishouse2


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Ban Appeal  Empty Re: Ban Appeal

Post by Paxination on 10/3/2014, 8:33 pm

Ban Appeal  Popcorn
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Ban Appeal  Empty Re: Ban Appeal

Post by Guest on 10/4/2014, 11:40 pm

Helthmagazine wrote:Im sorry for posting on this thread but he mightve used an enderpearl?
You do understand I watched the entire thing happen, right?
Stay out of ban threads. Do not coment here again.

For the record:
-I tired the jump beacon thing myself, this doesn't even work with Jump II
-This was Wall climbing. Not Ender pearling. I know what I saw, I watched the entire thing invisibly.


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