Bukkitspeak temporarily removed!

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Bukkitspeak temporarily removed! Empty Bukkitspeak temporarily removed!

Post by madscientist032 9/29/2014, 10:53 am

Due to issues with our current Teamspeak server, I have removed Bukkitspeak (the plugin that provides in-game notifications for players who join/leave the Oasis Teamspeak server) until further notice.

I had a lovely dissertation contained in a spoiler about why I did this, but Firefox decided to eat it all up. So for the sake of time, I will say these three things.

1 - Players can still connect to teamspeak.oasis-mc.us without ANY issue. Notifications just won't appear in-game.

2 - Teamspeak is running on a separate server that is under Oasis's name (and it's a boatload easier to remove the plugin rather than to reconfigure the plugin to work with the 'new' host)

3 - The original teamspeak server is getting rebuilt as I type this out. Estimated time until completion is roughly 2-4 hours because of the age of the system.

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