How to use OasisReports!

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How to use OasisReports! Empty How to use OasisReports!

Post by Paxination 9/21/2014, 7:21 pm

Ok kiddies, we have a new plugin designed by me.  Called OasisReports.

To use it you just simply do /report Some one has griefed me!

The message can be anything descriptive of the situation.

Staff will be notified when they get online that there are new reports.

Try to be looking right at the grief, as the plugin will TP the staff directly where you are looking.  So it will be the first thing they will see.

Do not falsely spam the command unless asked by staff for testing purposes.  If you do it with out permission, it will be a 1 day temp ban for each fake report.

This plugin is mainly for when staff are not online or available.  If staff are online, please continue to use /helpop or just getting staff's attention.  If Staff is on, they may ask you to put in a report so it can be checked later.

Also, some other commands I added in it....






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