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Skyblock FAQ

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Skyblock FAQ  Empty Skyblock FAQ

Post by Guest on 8/22/2014, 3:41 am

Skyblock FAQ  F3cS8tu

What is SkyBlock?
Skyblock is a classic minecraft survival challenge. A player must survive using the limited resources given. There are entire servers dedicated to skyblock, and each does it a bit differently. The key elements are that a player spawns on a dirt island with a single tree and a chest of starter items. This island floats above a void of nothingness.



Do we have any fancy skyblock plugins like the servers I'm familiar with might have?
Nope - All handled by staff, with world edit and world guard.
This is why we need people to apply for plots, and the reason we put so much care into keeping track of them.

Uh... I already forgot what plot I have!
Skyblock Records are kept here
Find your name on that list. Replace "#" with the number next to you name in this command to reach your plot in-game:
/warp sbplot#

How do I apply for a plot?
First, keep in mind you must be [Member] rank to play skyblock.
-From the home page, click "SkyBlock Forums"
-click "Apply for a SkyBlock Plot"
-Click "New Topic"
-Answer the questions listed here in the topic
-Post Topic
-Wait patiently for staff to approve the app, and set-up your plot. We will get to it as soon as we can.

I'm not a member but I WANT TO PLAY!!!!!!!
Then apply for member first!
All core ranks on Oasis are free; meaning they do not require money to earn.
Applying for member has it's own tutorial written already, found here

Is it really worth my time to apply for member?
Applying for member is encouraged for everyone interested in the server.
Ranks offer perks and /kits you can use in the normal SMP world. Plus, registering on the forums is a good way to keep in touch with us. Oasis is a community driven server, so feel free to chat and share with other members!
Member is also the starting point for earning other ranks as well. While rank-climbing is not a competition, earning a rank you deserve may enhance your experience here on the server! You can check out the rank descriptions for more informarion on what is available after member rank.

Okay, got my plot. What the heck do I do now?
Inside our chest are starter items, and a book that lists challenges. You can have fun expanding your island, messing with resources, exploring, and completing the challenge book. You can visit other players and even connect islands if you wish! It's really up to you how to spend your time in skyblock.

What are these other islands around me?
Each plot has the main dirt island with several mini ore and resource islands surrounding it. Your islands are protected to you and any team mates you defined in your application. This means that no one can go and mine all your ores before you get to them!
There are: diamond ores, redstone ores, iron ores, coal ores, stone, sand, chests, cactus, netherwart, soulsand, obsidian, lava, blazerod, and sandstone. Reaching these islands and successfully harvesting their resources will be a crucial part of completing the challenges.

Will there ever be more resources available in the future? Events, drop parties, giveaway, etc?
Skyblock is very new to Oasis. At the time I wrote this thread, sb had been running for 19 days total, with 76 plots set out. When staff are comfortable with how things are moving, we may think up some events and special challenges!

Is the nether open yet?
To elaborate on this: we have tried a few times to create a suitable nether for skyblock. We are against using a normal nether, as it negates any challenge to skyblock the moment you set foot through that portal. Until we get a system we are comfortable with, there will be no nether access.
To compensate for this, we have a nether island which contains some critical nether items.
Long story short, the nether is a puzzle we have yet to figure out how we want to deal with.

No. Don't Ask. Not having it. Nope.
Chest shop is disabled for skyblock. We don't want skyblock dictated by an economy with endless resources. It is a challenge that you will have to work at, not buy your way through. Trading items is allowed, but exchanging money for them is not.

I died and lost everything I needed. What do?
If you mess up horribly and need to start over, you may request a plot reset by any available staff. If there are no available staff, post a reset request here

Can I have A reset? Can I have A reset? Can I have A reset? Can I have A reset? Can I have A reset? Can I have A-
Once per day.

I need a guide.
There are some mini island demos, and a cobble gen example set up at Skyblock spawn (/warp skyblock, /warp sb)
We also have a section of Skyblock forums dedicated to guides and tutorials.
At the time I write this, that section is empty.
Sooo until we have some nice things there, google is your best friend; there are tons and tons of skyblock guides on the web. Challenge has been around for a long time.


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