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[SkyBlock]: Minor Changes/Updates

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[SkyBlock]: Minor Changes/Updates Empty [SkyBlock]: Minor Changes/Updates

Post by Guest on 8/7/2014, 12:01 pm

We're up to 45 total plots, Glad people are really getting into this!

We have made a few minor changes to skyblock and it's rules over the past 3 days, so I will take a moment to go over them and make sure no one missed them.
I also want to mention some forum changes, and put helpful links for those who need quick access.

SkyBlock Plot Changes:

-From plot 15 forward, a smaller plot design was implemented

-Blaze rod was missing from the nether chest. That has been added.

-Diamond ore was missing from one of the islands. That had been added.

Rules Changes:

-The trading of items between players is allowed. In game currency does not count as a skyblock item.

-Teaming up with other players is allowed

-The use of in game currency to buy or sell skyblock world items is not allowed. This includes using "/money pay" outside to skyblock world to settle any skyblock-related item buy/sell.

Permissions Changes:

-/afk is disabled in skyblock world

-/money is disabled in skyblock world

-Animal/Feather teleportation is disabled in skyblock world

Application Changes:

-An option has been added to specify teammates when you apply for a plot! Your teammates will have permission to edit within your protection zone, and will be listed next to you on the.

*Team mates may be added/deleted at anytime, just let staff know who you want

Appearance Changes:

- Prefixes
Brightyellow:brightblue ---> pink/purple:lightgrey

SB Forums Changes:

-Records List now includes a couple more sections.


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