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Otakujomes Ban Appeal

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Otakujomes Ban Appeal Empty Otakujomes Ban Appeal

Post by otakujome on 8/4/2014, 10:06 am

Username: otakujome

Mod/Admin who banned you: bandityogo

Reason you were banned: bandit says I hacked, but from what I know, and saw on my screen I didn't

Why I should be unbanned:

Well, I'm a good player, who has been helping players, working on a town, voting and am planing to donate 50 dollars soon. I read the rules well, and I'm pretty sure I didn't break them. Bandit says I hacked and hit 3 endermen at once, as well as a spider that was behind me, and that I wouldn't go to end with only leather armour if I wasn't sure nothing will hit me, but my side of the story is that I have a set home in the end, in my list called home2, which I can use to easily get there and pick up my stuff, as well as I use only stuff from kits to fight, which are very easy to get, so dying is not to bad. I have very bad connection, which means packets often get sent at once,so it looks like I hit 3 at once, though at my screen it was loads of them chasing me and me maniacally hitting them with low FPS. And the spider was probably me going forth, finding a spider on my path to the castle, running at it and hitting it, passing trough, and then it being ''hit'' behind me on his screen as he spectates me. Many people on the server say I'm a loyal player and they don't think I hacked, and I was banned while AFK at /warp racehorse while waiting for fluffy807 to get ready for a race. I hope you unban me, and this is all the info I could remember in a short time I wrote this.

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Otakujomes Ban Appeal Empty Re: Otakujomes Ban Appeal

Post by bandityogo on 8/4/2014, 10:19 am

otakujome wrote:
Well, I'm a good player
You have been muted countless times and warned even more for your usage of the subject of r*pe.

otakujome wrote:I read the rules well, and I'm pretty sure I didn't break them.
Apparently not well enough.

otakujome wrote: I have very bad connection,
You and I both had great connection, also there was no server lag. You were not "skipping around" like someone who is lagging on minecraft would.
otakujome wrote:aand am planing to donate 50 dollars soon.
Can't bribe your way out of this one.

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