Zombieprophecy's Introduction

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Zombieprophecy's Introduction

Post by QuartzKoi on 7/26/2014, 8:15 pm

Well here it is. After 4 months of being active on the forums, I have decided to create an intro to myself. Well, hello my name is Trent Smith, I live in Kansas City, Kansas I am a long time retro gamer who (As you can guess) does not enjoy sports. I have only recently started to play Minecraft (As recently as two years ago.) And I started when I went over to my cousins one day, and when I came in he had a brand new game on his Xbox, the game was Minecraft. The moment I sat down and played the game, I was in love with it (Not in a litteral sense, I mean like... Well you know what I mean) Usually, out in the real world, I am a very funny person. I love telling other people my unlimited library of jokes and pranks. While on the game however I am really a different person. Once I bought Minecraft and got on a server, I was "befriended" By a player who helped me not die (because it was factions.) But once I started to trust him, he betrayed me and stole all of my hard earned items. because of that experience, while playing Minecraft, I act differently that in real life. Since then I have made many friends on Oasis, and I love making new ones.
    Hope you enjoyed my Introduction! 
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