My Proudest Moment with My Oasis Family

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My Proudest Moment with My Oasis Family

Post by Dementia_bourne on 7/15/2014, 6:09 am

I know ive seen a lot of you online. I know i dont talk much in large groups.  this morning i was one of 5 people on... almost all admins, jr. mods and the server! omg we had so much fun! there were 3 Qprimes harassing each other at one point!

it kind of hit me in the middle of it all... everyone... all of you... are like a second family to me. even though most of you have never talked with me, i hear you boast of your epic projects! some have even shown me! the amazing amphitheatres! towns! a mansion OMG THE MANSION! it birthed into me the need to perfect and develop a sense of aesthetics! and so i have been learning them!

in these past 6 months you have all helped me learn and grow as a player and i want to say thank you. i got so much awesome feed back on my farm build questions!

well at one point this morning the broadcast came up with the member app post... and i joked about it being a memory lane. a while later broadcast was back about the jr. admin/mod app.

i joked "Yes broadcast! marvelous idea!" to which Qprime retorted with "If your serious then do it"
joke was over.
i full on stopped mining and thought hard.
i was serious, all the help everyone has given me, the fun i have here, maybe i can help give some of that back, maybe... just maybe i CAN be of help!

so i wanted to post this for everyone to see... not as some propaganda gimmick but because i wanted to share this moment i had... with all of you.

in that moment the joke turned into being dead serious, one thought rang hard and loud. Time to help my family.

... ok time for me to stop rambling too!!!! srry!

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