Selling Artwork for in-game currency/items

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Selling Artwork for in-game currency/items

Post by BenKetchum on 12/12/2010, 1:44 am

For a limited time, I'll be selling signatures and avatars for a fee.
Here's some signature samples, (most recent are on the top)

(I animated the eyes in this one, if you look closely)

Made this one for a Aion Server a couple months back

Here are some avatar examples,

Here's a template:

I'd like a: Signature, avatar, or both
Render: Essentially, a render is the focal, or, main image of the piece, check out for some good ones, link it back to me, here.
Text on piece: Ya'know, your name or whatever
Animation: I'm currently only doing eye animation and text animation.
And finally, offer for my services:

Thanks guys. Let me know. :)

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