Town Reccomendations!

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Town Reccomendations!

Post by CherokeeVeeeeeee on 6/5/2014, 6:07 pm

On Oasis SMP if you haven't noticed there are towns! I am making some reccomendations for them.

Large Towns

  • Potatoville: Potatoville is a great town that has TONS of buildings! If you want a snack go to the local starbucks run by stinkerpie.
  • Moderntown: Moderntown is a large town with lots of plots so you can build to your heats content. The plots have a high price but it is well worth the money. 

Small Towns

  • Clayville: Clayville is a small but cool town. It is in a mesa or clay biome (Hence the name). It is owned by, like many other towns Zeeman78 and Jacob0926.
  • Sabersville: Sabersville is another town owned by Jacob0926. It has a medium sized town hall, a cobblestone shelter or hotel, and tons of other stuff.
  • Noxidia: Noxidia is a small town in the plains biome owned by Jacob0926, retkojy, and me! It has two streets currently but is making more. One is Main Street the other is Shop Lane.

Well, I hope you liked and used my town reccomendations. See 'ya later and Play On!

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