New Town! Come Check it out!

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New Town! Come Check it out!

Post by MisterDoctorPeppa on 5/30/2014, 12:56 am

Hey all! I am mrdrpeppa and I've been working on a town for quite a while now. I recently opened it up and the people that have joined really like it and help me a lot with it. It is a modern/suburban type town and I detailed it pretty well without being mainstream. I just want everyone to know that this town exists and hopefully get my friends some more neighbors. We have a public farm and a public animal farm. We have a district filled with plots that people can buy for cheap, however there is one plot that sells for 150$ because it is giant. I sell plots for dirt cheap. We have a cute little park and a snack shop. A couple of the town members and myself are currently building the shopping district were there will be a blacksmith, food market, lumber store, mining store, and player owned plot shops which they can buy in the shopping district. It is a pretty big town and I built the majority of it but I couldn't of done it better then with some awesome people. So the warp to the town is /warp ModernTown. There is a rule board so immediately read that and obey it all. So I really like the town and I think it is a great success so far. Another place where you can find the warp is at /warp warp. So Everyone that likes the town please leave a nice comment and vouch below

Anyways love y'all and LONG LIVE OASIS!


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Re: New Town! Come Check it out!

Post by HealthMagazine on 5/30/2014, 1:03 am

This is actually an extremely nice, good, and friendly place. I love it. He even helped me build a shop.     :D go check it out.
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