Application format and why this section exist!

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Application format and why this section exist! Empty Application format and why this section exist!

Post by Paxination 5/23/2014, 5:58 pm

It has come to our attention that we need a waiting list for shop world plots.  Hence this section.  You only need to post here IF shop world is full.  As shops become available you will be /mail'd in game about its availability.


1.  ONE POST PER PLAYER!  Any one found posting more than one app will be put to the back of the list or just removed from it completely.

2.  You have 1 day (24 hours) to claim it once it becomes available.  If its not claimed in time, it will go the next person in line.

3.  Being on this list does not guarantee you to get a shop in any amount of time, shops are cleared out according to the owners activity and money.  How ever it does guarantee that you will be given a chance to claim the next available plot once its been cleared.

4.  In the event that you were skipped by mistake we will either attempt to clear another shop (according to inactivity) or you will get the next available one as if your still on the list.

As request are filled, the post list may be deleted to keep the list as short and readable as possible.

Failure to follow the application format will result in your post being deleted with out warning.  If you cant fill in 2 lines then GO BACK TO THE BACK OF DA BUS!

Application Format:

Topic title: Shop world plot (REQUIRED)

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