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Post by mickdude2 on 5/2/2014, 7:01 pm

Recently, if you check the twitter feed over there <--, you saw oasis tweeted this video about Internet Service Providers and their role in providing internet. Hank Green just posted this video about the same topic. I'm not going to start an argument, because there is nothing to argue over: Unless you are the CEO of one of these companies, these policies will hurt you. At best, this is an attempt to limit competition and create a monopoly. At worst, this is a threat to your Constitutional rights. 

It starts with pirating websites being slowed. Then their IP's are blacklisted altogether. Then what's to say other 'harmful' sites aren't attacked? Who's to say that Huffington Post isn't spreading untruths that cause panic and hysteria and are harmful to the 'peace of society'. Under this precedent, Huffington Post would be blacklisted and removed. And that is a major constitutional violation.

That is a worst case scenario, but still viable. We beat back SOPA and PIPA. The users of the internet still wield enormous power over what goes on in the internet. Let's not let people take that away.
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