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yknip123 Ban appeal

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yknip123 Ban appeal Empty yknip123 Ban appeal

Post by yknip123 on 4/30/2014, 5:56 pm

User: yknip123

Mod that Banned: 4emersons

Reason I was banned: Beacon Grief.

Reason I believe I should be unbanned: My little brother played on my account and yes I do take full responsibility (he is my sibling and I will watch what he does from now on), I am not going to blame it all on him. I should have told him it was a no griefing server and realized that there should not be beacons in my house.I apologize for the actions of my brother and I hope we can sort this out.

I know there is a tag that states no appeal but please read it and reconsider my undermining ban.

Sincerely, yknip123

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yknip123 Ban appeal Empty Re: yknip123 Ban appeal

Post by 4emersons on 5/7/2014, 5:24 pm

*EDIT* After multiple pm's, I have decided to unban.
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