Temp 'farewell'

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Temp 'farewell'

Post by FerociousFeline on 4/27/2014, 1:36 am

The laptop i am using does not belong to me and I have to give it back to its owner tomorrow (well..later today...by texan time meh...) I dont know if I will be able to barrow it back for another lengthy time mainly because: She[my friends who lent the laptop to me] loves it soo much when i beg for things o_e -eye twitch-
      I may be able to borrow it back but only to keep working on a senior project, not to play games though you may see me 'online' on the forums here I probably wont be active in-game due to the lack of a usable laptop .______. No, i dont have a nice phone, i have a very outdated one where it goes 'apps whats that? I dont run apps. Your not allowed to be happy!!'
    In a case where i can get a hold of another useable laptop to pop in a bit, i shall, where as at the moment i dont see that possible, so temporary 'farewell' sort of O.o

Catch you guys later! ;3
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