[Reference] izumi4kona's (Lina) username has been changed

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[Reference] izumi4kona's (Lina) username has been changed

Post by Guest on 4/21/2014, 9:55 pm

TLDR: izumi4kona ---->LinaVoltage, and izumi4kona's account is a guest now

More people have come to know me as Lina since I joined as izumi4kona over a year ago. I had a $25 gamestop giftcard laying around, so i figured it's about time I changed my username to reflect what I'm known as. I'd hastily chosen my mc username, thinking it would just be my login name. While it does carry some meaning, it doesn't mean half as much to me as being Lina does now.

Lina was taken, so LinaVoltage it is. Voltage for my town name, one of my favorite pokemon types, my fascination with thunderstorms, my favorite soda, and it's also the name of the comic I'm working on right now.

izumi4kona has been put back to guest, if I ever give that account away I'll let you know. For now, it's still mine, but I probably won't use it much. If someone ever does eventually take over izumi4kona's account, they'll have to make a new member app.

Made a note on my member app as well

I've made izumi4kona default in every world on the list, and cleared all homes saved on that account as well.


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