Artisan + Veteran candidates!

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Artisan + Veteran candidates! Empty Artisan + Veteran candidates!

Post by Ariley 12/11/2010, 9:01 pm

Before I announce the artisans and veteran candidates, let me make something clear. These ranks are for EXPERIENCED players who have been here for quite a while.

You will not be considered for Artisan until you have been here for 12 days.

You will not be considered for Veteran until you have been playing for 18 days.

Also, keep in mind, just because you have been playing that long, doesn't mean you will automatically get the rank you want if you apply.

So, here are the Artisan players!


And your candidates for Veteran are:


As always, send me a PM on the forums or in-game to cast your vote for Veteran. We will have another round of promotions in about a week or so.

Thanks! Keep playing!!

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