About this whole heartbleed thing

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About this whole heartbleed thing

Post by Accusing_panda4 on 4/11/2014, 10:58 pm

So I've heard about this heartbleed issue still a little unclear of what it is but I'm wondering if it would be safe to download anything from trusted websites because I was planning on getting WoW but then this whole heartbleed thing popped up,so if you guys have answers or suggestions please post about them. Smile

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Re: About this whole heartbleed thing

Post by Gr00veDriftTreh on 4/11/2014, 11:08 pm

From what I hear the heartbleed is a bug that exploits the 'handshake' that a computer gives to a server. With some modifications this handshake can cause a server to spew all information stored on it. All data stored in the sever can be extracted and this includes logins.

Data was only pulled from the servers so the only immediate concern is logins and passwords. So it should be in theory fine.

^ this comic explains the impact of this exploit and the following page shows how heartbleed works

^ Official website about the heartbleed issue for the more detailed description.

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Re: About this whole heartbleed thing

Post by Guest on 4/12/2014, 3:27 am

There was a message sent out from mojang telling players to change their passwords. Made a thread on that here:

Just going to put this out here now, If this turns into a debate like my thread, it will be locked.

As for WoW, their website sent out a similar notification, except they only suggested a password change if you use your battle.net password on other sites. They say their site was not affected by heartbleed's security issues. Link to that message is here:


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