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Wants to be unbanned

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Wants to be unbanned Empty Wants to be unbanned

Post by pirateguy_zt23 on 4/3/2014, 4:16 pm

Hello owner, mods, donaters and regular players i would like to be appealed and unbanned and i would like to say sorry to all that i have griefed and if i can i will give all the stuff back love the server and would really like to join back in promising that i wont grief agian.

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Wants to be unbanned Empty Re: Wants to be unbanned

Post by 4emersons on 4/3/2014, 4:33 pm

You must use the format found at http://oasis-smp.forumotion.com/t242-appeal-format-for-banned-players to be considered. You can edit this post or post a reply in the correct format.
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