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Ban Appeal 70235aom

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Ban Appeal 70235aom Empty Ban Appeal 70235aom

Post by cRz 70235aom on 3/24/2014, 8:45 pm

Ban Appeal


Reason for banning:
 "I was supposedly griefing"

Player that banned me:

Reason I should be unbanned:
        I am not a griefer and I have never griefed in my life! If I ever did grief I would live up to it. I would not be defending myself right now if I actually had griefed. I would like to be unbanned mostly because I used to love oasis and when I played on oasis I had fun! I could actually play with all of my friends and get together and just be good friends. Really what happened was, I accidentally clicked caps lock instead of shift once. Then when I sent my next message in chat, it came out in all caps. I said 'Oh sorry caps lock' but I still got kicked. then after I re-logged, davidmitch just said "Enjoy your ban griefer!" This server used to be my favorite. Now because of these recent events, I'm not sure how much I'm gonna want to go and play on it anymore. I feel that the Moderators need to be talked to about how they use their power. I'm not the first person that this has happened to. This has happened to my friends too. Honestly davidmitch has ruined my whole oasis experience. And I'm sorry if I'm being 'rude to staff' but I'm just telling you how I feel and how angry I am. So if davidmitch is reading this well Thank you so much for ruining my whole Oasis SMP experience!

Thanks So Much,

cRz 70235aom
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Ban Appeal 70235aom Empty Re: Ban Appeal 70235aom

Post by Davidmich on 3/24/2014, 9:03 pm

Appeal denied, go find a new server.

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