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Ban appeal: rapterwithagun and zsbobcat29

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Ban appeal: rapterwithagun and zsbobcat29 Empty Ban appeal: rapterwithagun and zsbobcat29

Post by ThunderHorse on 3/5/2014, 9:04 pm

I am posting this for my friend rapter by his request since his forums account is not working. I am not trying to get him unbanned he asked me if i could post his appeal for him. All the writing is his words he sent me the appeal to me via messages through our iPads.  

Minecraft username: RapterWithaGun

Mod/Admin who banned you: davidmich (rapterwithagun) and/or lina (zsbaobcat29) 

Reason you were banned: it does not say exactly all that it said was nice try btrussian

Reason you believe you should be unbanned:
I will finally admit i did kill creampuffs animals and stole the horse and i am really sorry for that i guess i just didn't read the rules completely    I am respectful nice player I have been on the server for a few months before I was banned. All I would like to do is just  play on the server again. If I did do something I am sorry for what i have done and regret every second of it. I will admit to ban evading once with the rapterwithagun account cause i needed to ask my friend ThunderTheW0lf a question cause i couldn't get a hold of him. Also btrussian is one of my friends from school he was staying over at my house the night i was banned and we were both on the server at the same time.
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Ban appeal: rapterwithagun and zsbobcat29 Empty Re: Ban appeal: rapterwithagun and zsbobcat29

Post by Guest on 3/6/2014, 4:44 pm

Normally I'm leniant on ban appeals.
In this case? No.
Upgraded to perma no appeal here:
Previous ban evidence thread, linked in the above thread:

Xray, griefing, possesion of banned items, theft of someones horse, and worst of all: lying.
I'm sorry, but I have absolutely no trust for this player. He is not being unbanned.
Answer was No then, and it's No now. Lines have to be drawn somewhere.
Find a new server zsbobcat29.
I don't remember who banned this person, whether it was me or someone else.
I believe the reason may have been for griefing, but there is no ban thread at this moment (unless I'm typing the username wrong), and they were banned before the new ban system [maxbans] was implemented.


As for davidmich's ban, he can decide that.


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