Apology for Spam

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Apology for Spam

Post by BuzzMango210 on 1/18/2014, 3:39 pm

Some people probably saw my character say SPAM multiple times.

My cousin is over right now, and he's practically a computer wizard.
He asked if I had minecraft, and of course I said yes.
He asked if he could play, and I said ok, singleplayer ONLY.

Of course he went online and got this weird "client mod" thing or something. 

He then continued to go on the multiplayer servers, of COURSE Oasis.

I stopped him as soon after I could, but it was too late.

The spam button was on.

As you know, I was unbanned not even a week ago. I would never make a mistake like that. It is completely my fault that I let him on, and I'm sorry. I will accept my temporary ban until tomorrow. I am sorry, I promise you it wasn't me, especially after being trusted yesterday.

I am not asking for un-bannishment, I am just explaining my story.
I will take responsibility for my cousin.

Thank you.

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