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Ban Appeal

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Ban Appeal Empty Ban Appeal

Post by Brett_Rehnberg on 1/8/2014, 1:17 am

Hi, I'm sorry for what happened, I got banned this morning when I said a friend of mine used my account improperly in december of last year and I felt that i should get unbanned on this server on that account. That account's username was maxsreplacement, then the account I got banned on is maximillien2000. But in the end I did something wrong, I pretended to be another person on the server saying that the bully at my school who had broken my nose and arm was actually maximillien2000 and maxsreplacement.
I made a mistake by lying and I am sorry for doing that, I was really not thinking.
I'm just pleading for a second chance, if it is possible;
Sorry for what I have done and thank you for taking the time to read this,
- Max

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Ban Appeal Empty Re: Ban Appeal

Post by Guest on 1/8/2014, 2:09 am

I did the IP ban, but this is originally Davidmich's ban, since same person, so I'll let him decide on this. (Probably within the next 24-48 hours, depending on when he can get on)

Didn't want you to think this was being ignored, seeing as my name is always listed as "online" at bottom of forums xD



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Ban Appeal Empty Re: Ban Appeal

Post by Davidmich on 1/8/2014, 4:02 am

Letting your friends use your account is no excuse! It's YOUR account, YOU are responsible for that. You've evaded the ban twice, asked for server hack tools, and blatantly lied to staff.
You should go find another server to play on.


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