Member Application

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Member Application

Post by CooL_Chicken on 5/5/2011, 7:02 am

I have played your server and the least i could say is its the best server ever created! It is wonderful to play on as a whitelister, but however I would like it if you would consider making me a member. This would make me really happy and I will tell all my friends about what a good server you have. I do not grief on your server so I believe you can trust me. I do not use violent language against others so you should be able to trust me as a member.

Yours Sincerely,

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Re: Member Application

Post by Ariley on 5/8/2011, 4:20 pm

check out the rest of the posts in this topic - there is a format we use. please copy/paste that into a reply in this thread, and fill it out with your own info.



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