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chef_burke ban appeal

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chef_burke ban appeal Empty chef_burke ban appeal

Post by chef_burke on 12/17/2013, 3:47 pm

Minecraft username:
Mod/Admin who banned you:
Reason you were banned:
posting a rude sign
[size="2"]Reason you believe you should be unbanned   :sorry for posting that sign... i did think it was funny and i was only posting it as a joke...but now that it has been brought to my attention it was rude and would just like to apologize. so sorry. and if firefly reads this just wanna sya sorry to y

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chef_burke ban appeal Empty Re: chef_burke ban appeal

Post by Guest on 12/17/2013, 5:51 pm

Forum sizing and color codes are acting up bad lately....
You are sincere, I'll unban, just don't repeat the offense in the future. I'm glad you appealed, the apology means a lot to the players, and you can get right back into playing .w.


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