Christmas Is Near

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Christmas Is Near

Post by Artateck on 12/15/2013, 1:59 pm

Alas my friends, is that special time again. A time for celebration (unless you don't celebrate christmas). For some, it is about the birth of Jesus, our saviour. For others it is about multiple gifts under the christmas tree. Though, whichever you fit into, it is a time of giving (and or course, the celebration, but lets focus on giving for the purpose of this topic). It is a time of unity (there is where the celebration keys in!) through gifts. Rather they be frankincense, gold, and mur, or C.O.D, An iPad, or a baseball bat. A time or greatness, for it only happens once a year, and is looked forward to by all.

                                                                                        I Hope This Christmas is your best yet!
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