Linkin's lab: The Portal Gun

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Linkin's lab: The Portal Gun

Post by Linkinparkey on 12/11/2013, 3:21 pm

I've decided to do a sort of rollplay, where I conduct research on gamerelated items/creatures. Some of the information will be taken from the game/wiki/whatever, and some of it will be my own speculations. Enjoy! :D

A subject, female adult, was found wandering around the old Aperture testing facility with a device that could be what Aperture Science called a ‘Portal Gun’.
It is believed that this device was created by accident in the Aperture Science facility. However, due to an accident involving a rampaging supercomputer (codename: GlaDOS) and a lot of neurotoxin, the facility was shut down. The test subject managed to escape with the portal device, but apparently she lost the ability to speak, so much still remains a mystery.

The device
The device itself consists of a pistol-like holster with a barrel and a trigger. Inside the gun is an orange crystal that is believed to be the portal gun’s powersource. The actual science behind the portals are still unknown, however it is known that the portal gun can open two linked portals simultaneously on any white flat surface. The portal gun also has the ability to create a zero-point energy field which enables it to carry objects directly in front of it.

Use of the device
As discovered by our specially trained zombie equipment tester, the portal gun should be used with care. After the zombie opened a portal in the ceiling and directly beneath it, it started falling endlessly until it finally reached terminal velocity due to a slight breeze which moved the zombie away from the portal in the floor. It was then discovered that the female test subject was equipped with a pair of boots, which protects the user of the portal gun from experiences such as described above. After scraping the now deceased zombie off the floor, we felt confident enough to allow a human tester (which also saved the time of training a new zombie).
After several more experiments, and very careful examination for creating blueprints of the device, we were confident enough to start tingling with the device itself. It was discovered that it also had the potential to not only create portals within our own dimension, but also could create bridges to other dimensions, which could be useful in acquiring future test subjects.

The existence of a portal device gives question to our physical laws, as it is possible to create energy using the portals. It is for example possible to move from the bottom of a valley to a tall mountain, thereby increasing one’s potential energy due to gravity. It could be that the portal actually deconstructs the entity moving into the portal and recreating it at the other portal out of molecules found at this portal. Another theory is that when an entity moves through the portal, it actually moves to another dimension that looks exactly like ours (supported in the section, where a bridge to another dimension was created).

Feel free to ask any questions or add thoughts of your own! And if you have a certain subject you want reasearch conducted on, do tell!
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