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Ban appeal: Rausku98

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Ban appeal: Rausku98 Empty Ban appeal: Rausku98

Post by Rausku on 12/5/2013, 3:27 pm

Minecraft username: Rausku98

Mod/Admin who banned you: Davidmich

Reason you wewe banned: 1. Going to other people's chests, 2.trying to invade someones home, didn't leave even when ordered by admin.

Reason you believe you should be unbanned: 

Won't deny that i went to other peoples houses, and i am really sorry about it. It was illegal. It won't happen again. I didn't take anything from chests, but actually i'm not being blamed about that, if i understood accusations correctly. 

Second, i was blamed from invading a house,a foxhole exactly. I had built this foxhole before i did the actual crime and returned to it afterwards. I was starting to make some chests to store my equipment and leave the game, when i got kicked as a warning. Because i'm not native english speaker it takes me a long time to write on chat or on a sign, so i couldn't defend myself and explain completely to admin what was i donig there. It is of course really hard to convince that i really built that foxhole, but i can tell there were three signs:

 First sign:"This foxhole is owned by Cyber Science" "the Cyber Science" is a misleading term. It actually was my "group" on my IC2 server and after that on my tekkit server. It was just a group name and i wanted to use it in the Oasis server that my friends could come to my place for gathering.

 Second sign: "..and the writer of the sign was owned by zombie" That sign was a joke and has nothing deeper meaning, exept, during my first night i was trying to write signs to point out that i'm the owner of that foxhole. Rainy night wasn't best time to build a base and i got slaughtered by zombies. Someone (don't remember anymore who) was close of my base and we had a short chat about temporary server and hard building circumstances.

Third sign: "Hallowen are te M.I.G:s" (Mysterious Invisible Ghosts)  When i realized that i have been watched i wrote that sign as a joke as well, because i had earlier joked about invisible admin and thought that he was just playing with me and having some fun. That was a misunderstanding. 

After i realized that admin was really serious i left the foxhole and continued my peregrination out of the city. After a moment i got banned and couldn't anymore connect to the server.

I hope that i gave enoug information about this case. I will answer any guestions that you might have. I appreciate that Davidminch gave me a chance to speak here and didn't ban me forever. I have been a long time on Oasis and i'm hoping that i could someday return to this vivid server.


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Ban appeal: Rausku98 Empty Re: Ban appeal: Rausku98

Post by Paxination on 12/5/2013, 3:43 pm

I dont normally step in on my staffs ban appeals like this, but im going to make an exception here as the original ban thread


says perm UNTIL appeal, and your appealing now.

Your appeal is approved. Despite your limited english, your words sound genuine and sincere.

Just a word to the wise tho, next time if your in a situation when you need to explain your self, might want to let the staff member know first hand, your english isnt good and to give you some time to explain. It could help you by putting them in a different mind set to look at whats going on.
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