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Found a griefer!

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Found a griefer! Empty Found a griefer!

Post by MineCartbrother on 12/4/2013, 8:47 pm

Found A bunch of griefs in my house. And it has led me to believe that it is indeed a user by the name of "majwil". I present to you. Exhibit A Found a griefer! TNUa9tA
And A few more pictures as evidence.
The Decorative Lava-floor living room. (The lava probably wasnt a very good idea, but I wanted to make it look unique. Found a griefer! JGpyFDe
The Hallways have been griefed as well. Found a griefer! J94ISNE
The Blue Room a.k.a My room. (It's going to take a lot to fix all of this mess)
Found a griefer! NXzi1Ma
As you may know I can take care of the griefs. I just want this player banned! Why must people ruin hard work? I seal my house up everytime I leave with obsidian so griefers cant do much, but the griefers must've had a diamond pickaxe. (Sigh)
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Found a griefer! Empty Re: Found a griefer!

Post by Davidmich on 12/5/2013, 1:33 pm

Ok, We are using "VANILLA TEMP MAP" we have no way to ID who griefed what. Bukkit has updated, but the plugins have not. The only way we can get rid of the griefers & rule breakers (for the moment) is to catch them in the act!

Thanks for reporting it, try to get screenshots of "majwil" doing the griefing. We will not ban someone on a guess, or wild accusation.

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