Rumors about 1.7.4 servers....

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Rumors about 1.7.4 servers.... Empty Rumors about 1.7.4 servers....

Post by Paxination 11/22/2013, 10:02 pm

Apparently I need to dispel this rumor. Yes there are modded servers that allow the 1.7.4 client to connect to them. Thses are 1.6.4 spigot servers running a special version of spigot. This version of spigot allows 1.7.4 clients to connect. THAT IS IT. No new biomes, no new blocks. No new features. I have been watching bukkit/spigot's sights relentlessly waiting for the update. There is no telling when bukkit will update. This is a HUGE UPDATE for them. All the net/protocal code (the code that sends information between the server and the client) was changed. Not to mention new biomes and new map generation mechanics. 200,000+ lines of code were changed according to mojang/bukkit.

I dont want to hear any more of these 1.7 servers. They are 1.6.4 servers that offer 1.7.4 clients to connect.
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