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TJN333 please read this! (regarding your ban appeal)

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TJN333 please read this! (regarding your ban appeal) Empty TJN333 please read this! (regarding your ban appeal)

Post by Guest on 11/21/2013, 1:33 pm

I received an incomplete ban appeal from you in my inbox, but the forum will not allow me to respond to messages sent to me by [guest] accounts from someone who has not registered on the forums.
So I will have to do it here.

I am missing the following format section for the appeal:

-Reason why you should be UNBANNED: Why you should be unbanned. You left this blank.

Please fill out the correct format as a Forum Thread, NOT a Private Message, you will get no answer! We cannot send private messages to a guest account, the forum will not let us. Ban appeals are dealt with in thread form in the ban appeal section.
Also, sometimes people overlook their inbox, so that's another reason why it's better to have a forum thread... sorry for the wait

I will leave this unlocked if you want to post your ban appeal with the correct format as a message here.

Your ban thread is here:

That was a lot of griefing, but If you have a good reason for being unbanned I'll consider it.

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