my 1.7 town info and town member application

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my 1.7 town info and town member application

Post by Coaltrain615 on 11/1/2013, 5:32 pm

in 1.7 i will be planning to build a town, and these are a few things about it. It will be a trusted and up town but if i really trust a member they may be accepted into the town. undecided.The town name is currently To become a town member you must apply on this post or i must trust you in-game. Here is a list of the current town members:
Coaltrain615, 4emersons, TheChopper20, kadomichael10, Alpha_Panda14, AccusingPanda4

Town Member application(use it just like the member app)

Minecraft username:

Real Name:


Why do you want to be a Town member?:
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